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C.E.O Hyeong-sik Moon Management Philosophy: High quality for customer satisfaction
									Quality Goals: Trustworthy and competitive company 
									Objectives: First, improve the level of customer satisfaction! Second, improve the productivity!

SHE is a company specializing in the manufacturing of distribution and control panels for the shipping industry. The company was established in Tongyuong, Gyeongsangnam-do, in 1991 (as Seunhae Electricity), and in 2004, was incorporated into SHE. The year 2004 also saw the construction of our second factory, in Busan, and in November 2006, the main office was moved from Tongyoung to Busan.

From inception in 1991 through 2004, our main customers were the shipyards ofGeojae and Tongyoung. However, due to a sudden increase in shipbuilding in 2004, our business expanded. In the first half of 2006, we exported 30K B/C MSBD to shipyards in India and Pakistan. We also entered into the markets of Vietnam and China.

Our main products are distribution and control panels for ships. These devices are installed in every ship and coordinate the control and distribution of power supply. SHE has delivered products to numerous domestic customers, such as SLS shipbuilding and Samho, as well as foreign customers, including BACHDANG and PHARUNG.

After intensifying investment in core technologies, in order to take leadership of the market, we have thus far gained one patent and established a research center. All of our employees are working tirelessly to product the best quality products under our motto: 'quality improvement and customer satisfaction.'

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